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Minimizing remote storage usage and synchronization time using deduplication and multichunking: Syncany as an example

Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Security, Synchronization

Minimizing remote storage usage and synchronization time using deduplication and multichunking: Syncany as an example


1. Introduction
2. Related Work
3. Deduplication
4. Syncany
5. Implications of the Architecture
6. Experiments
7. Future Research
8. Conclusion
A. List of Configurations
B. Pre-Study Folder Statistics
C. List of Variables Recorded
D. Best Algorithms by Deduplication Ratio
E. Best Algorithms by Duration
F. Best Algorithms by CPU Usage

Download as PDF: This article is a web version of my Master’s thesis. Feel free to download the original PDF version.


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1. Introduction
2. Related Work
3. Deduplication
4. Syncany
5. Implications of the Architecture
6. Experiments
7. Future Research
8. Conclusion
A. List of Configurations
B. Pre-Study Folder Statistics
C. List of Variables Recorded
D. Best Algorithms by Deduplication Ratio
E. Best Algorithms by Duration
F. Best Algorithms by CPU Usage

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