My name is Philipp C. Heckel and I write about nerdy things.
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I’ve done a couple of (hopefully) interesting things over the last few years. Here is a selection of my favorite projects:

Syncany – An open-source cloud storage and filesharing application.

Syncany is the one thing I spend most of my time with. It’s like Dropbox, but awesomer! Check it out on the project website, on GitHub or on my first or second blog post.

fsdup – Dedup disks with NTFS partitions, and later expose them as a block device. Also, it can store the chunk index in Ceph/RADOS.

fsdup is a proof-of-concept application to deduplicate NTFS file systems using file-level dedup for files inside the NTFS filesystem. It operates on raw disks or image files and parses NTFS. It was a proof-of-concept to determine how much space savings one can get when deduping hundreds of thousands of NTFS file systems.

socksproxy – Simple SOCKS proxy to tunnel your way around things

socksproxy is a simple script to run a SOCKS proxy on your own server. It is merely a wrapper script to orchestrate SSH and iptables properly to make it easier in everyday use. I’ve also written a blog post about it.

zfsu – Collection of ZFS utilities

zfsu is a collection of ZFS utilities. It consists of the following tools: zfsu tx (aka zfstx) maintains a mirror of a ZFS pool over the network. zfsu ret (aka zfsret) is a simple script to apply local retention (destroy snapshots) of a filesystem and its snapshots. zfsu res (aka zfsres) is script to resilver a slow mirror, e.g. a HDD disk if mirrored with a SSH.

Terminator Host Watch – Terminator plugin to apply host-specific themes

This plugin monitors the last line (PS1) of each terminator terminal, and applies a host-specific profile if the hostname is changed. It’s very simple, but very useful.

sf – Wrapper script around sshfs to make mounting/unmounting easier

sf is a wrapper script around sshfs to make mounting/unmounting easier. It probably doesn’t deserve its own package, but I use it on so many machines that it might just be worth it. Again, super simple, but useful.

JSON-RPC extensions for request-mapping, authentication, logging, and validation

At Datto, we use JSON-RPC based APIs very heavily, in particular with our JSON-RPC library php-json-rpc. I wrote four extensions for it. Namely php-json-rpc-auth, php-json-rpc-validator, php-json-rpc-simple and php-json-rpc-log.